Thursday, June 14, 2012

May 28, 2012: The Lost World of Niassa & Farewell to Africa

Greetings All,
The last chapter in our Southern African odyssey was a quick trip to Mozambique. We flew from Johannesburg to Pemba in northern Mozambique. We spent one night on the Indian Ocean (photo 1)

before heading inland. A one and a half hour charter flight the next morning took us to Niassa Reserve close to the border with Tanzania. The Reserve is a large (42,000 square kilometer) expanse of wilderness containing rivers cutting through Miambo woodland. Palm, Acacia and Baobab trees grow in the floodplains along the rivers. The most unusual features in the landscape are rock formations called inselbergs. They loom above the plain in a variety of shapes (photo 2).

Some are virtually bare containing resurrection grass while others have trees growing on their slopes. Some contain caves with ancient rock art 4000 years old (photo 3).

Wildlife viewing this time of year is difficult with plenty of tall grass for the animals to hide in. We did get some nice sightings of Waterbuck (photo 4), Elephants (photo 5) and 3 Klipspringers climbing up an inselberg covered in Resurrection grass (photo 6).

On our second night we were treated to dinner on top of an inselberg overlooking the Lugenda River (photo 7).

It was a magical spot, right out of Jurassic Park. On our last night in the Reserve we went to a Hippo Pool on the Lugenda River to watch the sunset. We're still smiling after nearly 3 and a half months in Africa (photo 8).

Tomorrow we head home. We're looking forward to seeing everyone!
Marc and Peggy

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