Wednesday, June 13, 2012

March 4, 2012: Caring for Cats Part II

Hi All,
It's hard to believe we've been at Khulula Wild Care for almost a week. Tropical Storm Irina spinning in the Mozambique Channel continues to bring clouds but no rain yet to Khulula. I've taken over the feeding of the Servals and Caracals. Although the White Lion cubs (photos 1-3)

are cute, Kaylee the Serval (photos 4 & 5) is my favorite. We separated her from her enclosure mates. Harley and Tequila because Petronel, the owner of the center believes she may be pregnant. Kaylee has calmed considerably and cries and purrs like a big house cat. She lets me pet her but, I have to be carful because she becomes overly affectionate and gave me a gentle swat to remind me she is still a wild cat.

Over the weekend we got to visit a Farmers market on Saturday and prepared the center for the arrival of Irina which never came. We expect the majority of the rain to hit on Wednesday. All the clouds from Irina make for a spectacular sunset (photo 6).

Today after feeding the cats (Marc cutting meat off chicken bones for the cubs Photo 7

and a Caracal eating after I fed him Photo 8),

Petrolnel let us use her pick-up truck to drive to Chip Eden. For you Animal Planet fans, there was a TV series on Chimp Eden. Marc got to drive us and fellow volunteers to Chimp Eden about 20 km away. We joined the 2:00 tour to watch the chimps get fed. There are 33 in the sanctuary in three groups. Some of the bigger males were quite cheeky as the Brits say and picked up big rocks to throw at us. They are in enclosures surrounded by an electric fence so we are safe. It's sad to hear how these chimps were abused in the past. At least they have found some peace at Chimp Eden.
That's it for now. It's time to make dinner. I think we'll have chicken!

Hope all is well back home.

Peggy and (Marc)

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